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Box: 24 sweets
(12 sets of 2 sweets), 360 g.

1320 rub
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    29% OF PROTEIN

    Nutrients      in 14 g      in 100 g       
    Proteins, g 4,1 29,2
    Fats, g 2,0 14,0
    Carbohydrates, g 5,0 35,9
    Dietary fiber, g. 0,4 2,7
    Energy, kcal. 54,2 387

    Record-breaking protein content - 29%, a lot of poppy and soft vanilla flavor. Just imagine a poppy bun that melts in the mouth that not only cheers you up by its bright taste, but also provides strength and benefits for your health! All these things are possible without any sugar, only with natural ingredients and milk protein isolate of the highest quality!

    Ingredients: dried date, whey protein isolate (90% of protein), cashew, raisins, food poppy, topinambour syrup, almond oil, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vanilla extract, pink Himalayan salt.