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Box: 24 sweets
(12 sets of 2 sweets), 360 g.

1320 rub
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    25% OF PROTEIN

    Nutrients      in 14 g      in 100 g       
    Proteins, g 3,6 25,4
    Fats, g 2,0 14,3
    Carbohydrates, g 5,2 37,4
    Dietary fiber, g. 0,7 4,9
    Energy, kcal. 54,6 390

    Unforgettable taste of a sweet from childhood (remember sweet creamy "sausages" typical in the Soviet Union or imported peanut butter) and support for health necessary in any age are perfectly combined in one sweet. Only balanced and essential ingredients: soft cashew and bright peanut that provide great taste and fats useful for our body and whey protein that is fully ingested by our body for strong muscles and excellent state. Truly healthy and incredibly tasty!

    Ingredients: dried date, cashew, whey protein isolate (90% of protein), raisins, peanut butter, cashew, roasted peanuts, cocoa powder, topinambour syrup, maple suryp, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), pink Himalayan salt, vanilla extract.