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Protein Ball. Peanut

Box: 24 sweets
(12 sets of 2 sweets), 360 g.

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    Both unforgettable taste of children's sweets (think of soviet chocolate pudding and imported peanut butter!) and health benefits, so much needed at any age, are ideally combined in one sweet. Only balanced and essential ingredients: gentle cashew and rich peanuts providing great taste and healthy fats, completely digested whey protein for strong muscles and wellbeing. It is very healthy and amazingly delicious!

    Ingredients: dates, peanuts, whey protein isolate (90% of protein), cashew nuts, cocoa powder, maple syrup

    Nutrients      14 g 100 g
    Protein, g. 2,9 21,0
    Fat, g. 2,7 19,6
    Carbohydrate, g. 5,9 41,8
    Fiber, g. 0,5 3,8
    Calories, kcal. 59,4 424,4
    Protein 21%