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Box: of 24 sweets
(12 sets of 2 sweets), 360 g.

1200 rub
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    Nutrients      in 15 g      in 100 g       
    Proteins, g 0.9 5.8
    Fats, g 1.5 10
    Carbohydrates, g 8.3 55.1
    Dietary fiber, g. 0.6 4.2
    Energy, kcal. 51.5 343

    Emergency aid for immune bolstering shall always be on your table! From the childhood raspberry became the tastiest medicine for cold and blue for many of us. That is why we created a sweet with a sparkling taste of this wonderful berry for you. Raspberry provides immune bolstering and raisins and dates rich in carbohydrates cheer you up that is very important for good general state.

    Ingredients: dried dates, cashew, yellow raisins, freeze-dried raspberry, topinambour syrup, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), raspberry extract.