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Box: of 24 sweets
(12 sets of 2 sweets), 360 g.

1200 rub
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    A special offer for strong and hardy is a candy set with as much as 20% of protein! Sweet dates, Jerusalem artichoke syrup and cocoa powder  will give you the pleasure of taste, while citrus components and walnut cheer up and contribute to recovery after a hard workout or a busy day.

    Ingredients: dates, cashew nuts, whey protein isolate (90% of protein), cocoa powder, jerusalem artichoke syrup, orange zest. 


    Nutrients      15 g.       100 g.      
    Protein, g. 3,3 21,8
    Fat, g. 2,2 14,8
    Carbohydrate, g. 7,4 49,6
    Fiber, g. 0,9 6,1
    Calories, kcal. 62,8 418,8