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Healthy Ball Flavors
taste_love.png Healthy Heart

Your heart is made for love, and the Love Ball candy is for the health of your heart. On the way to the right heart rate you get a support of prunes, cranberries and raisins, which in a combination with walnuts, cocoa powder and syrup of Jerusalem artichoke make it a heartily favorite candy!

Fast energy

Refreshing mint helps to cheer up; a mixture of nuts and natural ingredients, including exotic carob and traditionally Russian syrup of Jerusalem artichoke, give forces and raise the spirits; pink Himalayan salt and powdered hemp seeds make the taste original and memorable. All these in a candy makes you ready for new challenges, whether it's about sports records or brainstorming!

Body tone and power

A special offer for strong and hardy is a candy set with as much as 26% of protein! Combined with a glaze of sugar-free dark chocolate and prunes it will give you the pleasure of taste, while citrus components and walnuts cheer up and contribute to recovery after a hard workout or a busy day.

 Body shape and balance

Discover the perfect balance between excellent body and the pleasure of a delicious candy. Almond powder and hemp seed are uplifting, while naturally sweet raisins, dried apricots, prunes and Jerusalem artichoke syrup provide some pleasure without feeling guilty.

Immunity support

First-aid for immunity support has to be always ready at hand. Ginger, spirulina and pumpkin seeds are working to support the immune system, three kinds of nuts provide more energy, while raisins, dried apricots, prunes and figs improve your mood, which is so important for good health.

taste_detox.png Lightness and detoxication

This candy combines one of the most powerful detox ingredients, spirulina, along with dried apricots, which are rich in dietary fiber, and almonds, a generous source of antioxidants. Orange and lime notes are disclosed in a nice fresh aftertaste with a slight sourness, while a coconut adds some exotic flavor.

taste_protein.png Peanut

Both unforgettable taste of children's sweets (think of soviet chocolate pudding and imported peanut butter!) and health benefits, so much needed at any age, are ideally combined in one sweet. Only balanced and essential ingredients: gentle cashew and rich peanuts providing great taste and healthy fats, completely digested whey protein for strong muscles and wellbeing. It is very healthy and amazingly delicious!

taste_detox.png Сoconut

True heavenly pleasure of the 21st century is the combination of great taste and real health benefits. The ingredients are truly necessary for wellbeing and for the body to function properly: high-quality whey protein and the maximum amount of juicy, sweet and refreshing coconut inside and out. Intense taste and balanced ingredients!

taste_protein.png Chocolate

The health benefits due to high protein content, the instantaneous increase of vitality and energy for new achievements due to the ideal composition of ingredients, and excellent mood due to the bright taste of natural chocolate - all this will be yours just in a few minutes! For now - just enjoy the most chocolate from all healthy and most healthy of all chocolate sweets!