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About Us

History of Healthy Ball.

The idea of creating Healthy Ball appeared in 2015. The company's founders are friends and like-minded people that are experts in different fields: two doctors, IT-entrepreneur and director of one of the largest companies that delivers healthy food. Together they reached the conclusion that they cannot find a product that corresponds to all their requirements. While traveling around the world, they tried a lot of snacks and sweets, collected ideas, gained know-hows. The set purpose was to make a fine product without finding compromise between usefulness and taste. As the result of thorough and incredibly interesting work, new sweets Healthy Ball were produced at a new facility in Moscow. According to their creators they not only comply with international standards but surpass equivalent products available at the market by many parameters.

What is Healthy Ball?

Healthy Ball are delicious sweets produced from natural ingredients only however traditional candies do not exceeded them by taste. They do not contain neither sugar, nor artificial additives, but include everything required for good health, well-being, and good mood

How are Healthy Ball sweets made?

Healthy Ball sweets are produced from high-quality ingredients under strict control at the production facility located in Moscow and fitted with equipment that was developed especially for this product. Then the sweets are accurately wrapped into individual package to preserve their taste and usefulness during 6 months without any artificial additives. Besides compulsory certification, all types of Healthy Ball sweets have voluntary certification RosTest.

When do you need a Healthy Ball?

  • In the office —for effective work and fresh ideas
  • On the way — when a short snack is needed or just cheer up
  • Before and after workout — as a perfect source of healthy energy for best achievements
  • At the end of a family dinner — as a wonderful dessert for a whole family
  • With a cup of tea or coffee — to add some pleasure to your short break from business
  • As a nice gift to someone you like — specifically for this, we took care of a beautiful package